Getting Serious About Writing

It’s been two hours, and still nothing. You stare down at an empty white page or a fruitless computer screen just to find it staring back at you . . . empty. The wand of magic placed lazily in your hand, pen or pencil whichever it may be, has still yet to create something memorable. The story inside you is disappointed at your failing attempts; it’s ready to burst out of you at any moment; the characters beg for you to write, for how will they exist if you do not let them? The settings are worlds that have yet to be created, for only you can make them. The plots with unknown and un-forseen twists and turns have not been brought to light. No hero has won; no villain has been put to shame. You have so much to say, so much potential, and no idea how to begin.

Have you ever been the main character of the story narrated above? Well, believe it or not, I sure have! Not only do I get discouraged when I haven’t gotten anything written, but sometimes when I finally have, I am discouraged by the content. The reason for this is because I love to write fantasy.

Not everyone is a fantasy fan, and that’s okay. People like different kinds of food, music, colors, hair-styles, subjects, you name it! The fact that fantasy is not everyone’s favorite kind of literature doesn’t mean that you should stop writing it; those of us who do love it make up for the rest. Don’t get discouraged; set your mind to writing, and write.

No writer ever became a writer by saying, “I will be a writer someday.” He set aside some time to actually do it. The saying “It’s easier said than done” is an accurate statement. It is easier said than done, but if it isn’t done, then nothing will come from your dreams to write. Give yourself some extra time in the day to work on your stories; think about new ideas through the day; write them down; try to find things in your life to apply to a story. But most importantly, don’t give up! Writing is an both an art and a skill, but skills must be practiced and molded. So don’t let your writing slip away for reasons that can be overcome. Give yourself some time, let your creativity flow, and write.

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