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I have a friend who likes writing fantasy stories just as much as I do! I often bounce new ideas off of him and have him read some of my newest works to see what he thinks. I have decided to interview him and ask him some questions about his writing philosophies. I found his answers to my questions very interesting, and I thought you would find them informative as well. I also think his thoughts about Scripture are interesting, though Scripture is clearly not a fantasy book. Take a minute and read his ideas and suggestions. I just want to give a shout out to Sebastian for his thoughts! Thanks, Sebastian!


What is your name?

Sebastian Basaldua

How long have you been writing fantasy stories?

I have been working through creative ideas most of my life, but I didn’t start writing until November of 2012.

What first got you into writing fantasy stories/were you influenced by a favorite author of movie that caused you to want to write fantasy?

My goal has never been to be a fantasy writer. I wrote simply so I could transfer my ideas to others so that we could work together to make it into something more. I’ve been saturated in the content of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars ever since I was a kid. That is where I get a lot of my inspiration for setting ideas.

Have you gotten any of your stories published? If so, how many, and what are their names?

I currently only have two stories that are self-published on Amazon, but as I said, my goal isn’t to push out books right now. My goal is to make interesting short stories that will get people to think about life. The current format is writing, but I am ready to translate the core ideas from writing to another medium. The books I have now are, “The War Musicians: Blist” and “The War Musicians: Chance”

What are some things that help inspire you to write fantasy stories?

A mixture of life events and wanting to transmit a feeling or idea to others is what usually inspires me. I want to write in a fantasy setting so that it keeps the reader’s attention. When Christ walked the earth he would do some things or tell stories that seemed odd, but it was with the idea of transmitting a clear idea. That is my take, I want to write things that catches people’s attention, and then deliver the real message.

What are your strengths/weaknesses in writing your fantasy stories?

My strengths are that God has gifted me with the ability to write a story that will completely throw the audience off at the end. An ending where the entire story is effected or reversed, based off of one bit of evidence. In a world where Satan is deceiving the masses to believe that Evil is Good, I want to flip their logic on their heads. My weakness in writing is that I fail to keep up with the story, I’m constantly producing new ideas, and so I will tend to leave old ideas behind for the new one. The problem is that I will have a hard time completing my stories because of this.

What is your personal favorite fantasy story that has given you a goal to shoot for?

A lot of what inspires me is wondering how things around me will unfold. I can’t say I have a specific favorite fantasy story to shoot for, rather, I try to take the current events going on around me and speed up the timeline. I do this and guess how that will line up with the Bible, because Revelation is one of the most interesting books in the Bible and I love trying to see how things match up there with what is around us. My goal is to always make sure the Bible has the authority in my stories, and not my stories having the authority over the Bible.

What is your goal in writing fantasy stories? Do you try to teach lessons or simply entertain? Perhaps both? If lessons, what kind of lessons? How do you try to entertain through your writing?

My goal is to get people to see something they didn’t see before. When I write, it is usually to express an emotion that can’t be translated into a couple words. If someone says they are sad, you may ask why they are sad, and they will give you an answer. I would rather the person have an understanding than an answer. So my goal in writing a fantasy story is to create an odd/interesting environment that will pull the reader in, and then blow them away with emotions.

How do you think your writing can influence the world around you even if your stories are fantasy?

I want to take peoples logic and put it on steroids. There are so many false understandings about the world and I want them to understand truth. So in the story, it may seem grim, because I will take the average thought of a subject and take it far. People parading around over a flaw in life proclaiming it to be glory. I then ask the audience, is this what you truly want? It is in that that I hope to influence the world.

How has fantasy made a difference in your personal life?

Fantasy has made a difference in the sense that many people believe to be living in a fantasy. The devil has blinded so many into following their temptations, which in turn has people believing in false things. So my desire is to fight fantasy with fantasy. It has personally challenged me to seek what is true to an aggressive level.

What advice would you give to a fantasy writer beginner?

To those who want to begin writing fantasy, don’t focus on the setting, the character, the story arc, and the explicit details. Instead, focus on the message you want to send, and from there everything else will begin to sprout.


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