About Me

My name is Tara Stille. I grew up in a little town in Michigan called Litchfield. I have two siblings, one older sister and one younger sister. My Dad is a pastor at the Litchfield First Baptist Church, and my family has been in Litchfield for about seventeen years.

I began to grow interested in fantasy at a young age.¬†The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis was a huge impact on my interest in fantasy. I began writing my first attempt at a fantasy story at age thirteen. Though it wasn’t anything close to being a good story, it started me down the path of writing, and I have been writing ever since.

I not only love fantasy because it is exciting and unique from other styles of writing, but on a more serious level, fantasy is capable of teaching lessons that other form of writing cannot. I described this idea in an earlier blog post, and the fact still remains true. I am excited to use my plots, my characters, and my stories in general to teach valuable life lessons. I believe that lessons and truths inside of stories give the stories substance and value. I am a Christian, and as a Christian, I have studied the truths of the Bible. These truths include¬†the following facts: I am a sinner, and that God sent His Son to earth to live a perfect life, to die in my place, and to rise from the dead.The neat thing about the Bible is that, though some of the stories in the Bible are fantastic, they are all true. They are historically, scientifically, and literally accurate; and they’re pretty awesome too! The things in the Bible have also been inspiration for me to write. The Bible is capable of changing lives for eternity. I want to do something similar with my writings, despite the fact that my stories are not real. Though my fantasy stories will probably not be anywhere near as powerful as the Bible is, I know that through my writings, I can still make an impact on readers. After readers have read my works, I don’t want them to believe my stories as reality, but I do want them to draw from them useful truths and lessons.

If you are curious and want to know more about what I believe, check out this video: (This video will show you how my life was changed!)


I hope you will take some time and look over my blog! If you are a fantasy writer like I am, you will probably come up with some ideas about writing fantasy that you would like to share. Feel free to comment or to contact me. I’m always open to new thoughts and ideas! Happy writing, folks.