Ah the Villain

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Now we get to discuss another one of my favorite topics. The villain! Writing this character in a story is always a challenge, especially a fantasy story; somehow, the villain always ends up to be identical to the stereotypical bad guy. But the entire point of writing fantasy is to make your story unique and […]

Writer’s Advice

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I have had the amazing privilege of knowing another aspiring writer who is also a fantasy fan. Isaiah Kazarovich and I had a web design class together in school where we both discovered each other’s love of fantasy stories. I have had the┬áprivilege of reading some samples of his writing, and they were quite inspiring! […]

Character Creation

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Today we get to touch on a fun topic; this topic has been rolling around in my mind for several months now and I’m excited to get to it! Characters. Now you’re probably smiling and thinking to yourself, “Characters are the most basic parts of the story, what makes them so exciting?” That’s the neat […]

Inspirational Tips

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I have been doing a little bit to research on my own (like every good aspiring writer should!) and I came across a video on Youtube that I would like to share with you all. Christina Farley made this video with a variety of tips given to the listener by different fantasy authors. Take a […]